This time it is getting hotter and hotter, and you need to have a good maintenance routine that would make your lawn as green as before, perhaps makes it better. Creating a healthy lawn paves the way for a more beautiful landscape. Although there are many methods of attaining a perfect landscape such as hiring the Levittown Lawn Care & Landscapers and giving them the complete freedom to give you that perfect landscape you ever dreamed of. But, it is also necessary to know some basic maintenance tips for you to be cognizant of the issues and problems that your garden might be experiencing.  


The following are the maintenance tips that will effectively take care of your lawn. 


  1. Remove the weeds and moss

The weeds and moss that grow constantly in your lawn need to be regularly removed as they can block the sunlight, air, and consume water that your plants and flowers need. They appear in different parts and areas in your lawn and can be brought in several methods such as footwear, animals roaming around your lawn, birds flying over, and others. So, there is a need to keep an eye whenever they grow in your yard and immediately remove them. 



Aeration involves creating small holes in the soil at certain depths and intervals, which can be done through a garden fork or machine.  


This process allows better penetration of water and air to the root zone of the grass and other plants, and wake a way for better absorption of these nutrients by the roots, which the plants need.  


3.Mowing and edging 

When you mow, it is important that you only remove one-third of the length of the grass, and joe often you need to this depends on the time of the year and the current weather conditions. 


When it is summer, mowing needs to be frequency, unlike when the weather is colder. Also, prevent yourself form mowing the grass when they are wet as it can cause damage to the lawn and prevent healthy growth.  


When you are using a mower with a roller, the direction needs to be alternating.  


4.Watering and feeding 

Watering is essential to plants. The frequency, as well as the amount of water needed by the plants, depends on the type of soil, current weather condition, and the type of plants you have. Just remember that even if the water is essential, it is also dangerous for your plants to be overwhelmed with water as it can drown them, leading to their death.  


Alongside watering, fertilizers are needed too. The type of fertilizer that you need largely depends on the weather condition and the quality of soil you have in your lawn. But, generally, you will need a kind of fertilizer that has high levels of potash and phosphate.  


Final thoughts 

Having a healthy lawn will really create great significance to your curb appeaand aesthetics to your landscape. So, if you maintain these basic tips on regular maintenance, you will surely attain good results