Most swimming pools actually require the same schedule of maintenance, and as long as you complete the regular projects that are required in the maintenance of your pool such as cleaning and chemical care, then it is quite easy to keep your swimming pool in good condition and clear state throughout the summer seasons. In addition to that, there are also a wide number of unusual activities that you can be able to employ in order to help you save effort, money and time in the long run, which results in an even cleaner and safer swimming pool. In this article, you will learn some unique and helpful swimming pool care tips and find out if these out of the box tips and techniques can help you maintain the condition of your residential or commercial swimming pool. 

1. Use Baking Soda

Certain stores that sell chemicals for cleaning your pool will often offer you with something that can increase the alkalinity of your pool. This is actually a very simple option that can help a lot in maintaining your pool’s pH levels. As a matter of fact, buying some baking soda from your local grocery store can accomplish the same goal but it does for much lesser money. Aside from that, a thorough research on the web can also tell you the certain amount of baking soda that you’ll need for the size of your pool. 

2. Use a Clean Tennis Ball

Sun block and suntan lotion or oil usually end up in your swimming pool right after they are used by a swimmer. And, the truth is that these particular substances can also make your swimming pool dirty in a quick manner. Fortunately, throwing in a clean standard tennis ball into your swimming pool to float there for a while can surely suck up all the extra chemicals and oils that do not belong in the water of your swimming pool. Also, it is fine to leave your tennis ball floating in your pool water all the time. 

3. Clean theLineof the Tiles 

Dirt, residue, as well as contaminants can form over time as well as stick along the tile of the pool as well as water line. Cleaning this spot weekly can reduce the rate of how the swimming pool can get dirty and cloudy since the dirt and residue on your pool’s tile does not get mixed into the water of your swimming pool. In addition to that, cleaning this area in a weekly manner can also reduce the buildup of calcium. Aside from that, it is also a great idea that you clean the pool’s walkways or cement around the area of your swimming pool in order to lessen the transference of grime and dirt into the water of your swimming pool. And, if there are any damage to the tile of your pool, or anywhere in the surrounding area of your pool, make sure that you call right away. 

4. Keep Dogs Out of Your Pool

Dogs usually like to jump in after you and then play around in the swimming pool. However, chlorine is not good for your dog. It will not only irritate the skin of your dog but your swimming pool will also get much hairier and dirtier in a fast manner.