How Much Should You Invest in Pool Cleaning? 

Everybody knows that pool cleaning can be a very tedious task. If you would like to know more about the things that you can use to make pool cleaning easier and faster, read on. However, investing in pool cleaning equipment will not entirely keep you from hiring professionals from time to time. But then again, these tools can definitely make daily pool maintenance a breeze.  


Below are some of the great tools and equipment to purchase in case you want to do pool cleaning on your own. Some of these tools aren’t really cheap so be prepared to splurge on them. Some are great investments but others may have to be used with care in order to produce the desired results.  

  1. Robotic Pool Cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner is also referred to as an automatic pool cleaner. It’s a small, self-contained unit that drives itself on the floor of the pool. As it sucks up all the debris that comes its way, you may watch how it works from the poolside, sipping some cocktail while you’re at it. 

Again, this equipment doesn’t really come cheap. It’s a neat invention and it can definitely do the job that you don’t want to do. However, all of that comes with a price. And if ever it breaks down or does something wrong, repairing it can also cost so much. If you still want to invest in a robotic pool cleaner, the best you can do is purchase one with the best quality and comes with a good warranty. 

  1. Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

This pool cleaning equipment functions just like a manual pool vacuum. It attaches to the pool skimmer and as it draws in the pool water, the suction creates a siphon to the pool’s filter system. This device works for the most part, but some problems may occur if the device picked up a hard object like a rock, as it poses potential damage to the filters. When you really think about it, using this system needs a good amount of care and attention.  

  1. Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner

This device works like the suction-side pool cleaner but it focuses more on the water that comes out of the filter system instead of the one that enters it. This one attaches to the return jet and creates a vortex that pushes debris into a mesh bag. Once it’s done cleaning the pool, simply empty the mesh bag. This device isn’t as risky as the suction-side pool cleaner but it is also not as effective as manually skimming or vacuuming the pool to keep the debris from getting into the filters. 

What Else You Should Do 

Always keep in mind that cleaning your pool is only half the job. There are other things you should do, like cleaning the pool deck and filters. For the pool deck, you have to spray, sweep, and disinfect the surfaces from time to time.  

Adding sanitizers and chemicals should also be done regularly. Those liquid substances that you add to the pool dissipate over time. You should know how to test your pool for chemical balance so you know which compounds to add to keep your pool clean and safe at all times.